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The factory put new models of machines into use

Jul. 05, 2019

At the beginning of this year, our company participated in the factory experience sharing, exchange and learning activities, and found that many factories have introduced new technologies and machines, keeping pace with The Times.With the development of economy, the demand of people is higher and higher. We realize that our factories also need to improve their ability to compete in the market, hoping to meet the most satisfying demands of customers.

Middle East customer visit

After the exchange meeting, we immediately searched for new and more advanced machines, and finally welcomed a batch of new machines at the beginning of the summer. The workers were enthusiastic about this, as shown in the picture of the factory workers watching and learning how to use the new machines.People speak highly of the new machine. After trying it, they say that the equipment is excellent, easy to use and convenient to use. They believe that they will bring more satisfactory results to customers.


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