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Middle East customer visit

Jun. 10, 2019

In recent years, with the company's extensive promotion in the domestic and foreign markets, the good reputation of udesign has also been recognized by the market.

Thus attracted many customers to the company furniture production base to visit.

On May 19th, Mr. X, a Middle East customer in Asia region, accompanied by his partners in cliff, went to dongguan for an investigation, and observed the production line operation and soft packaging on the spot.

This visit to the Middle East customer line is to a company in India housing project procurement custom furniture products.

Under the arrangement of personnel, once the customer arrives at the factory, he will be arranged to enter the company meeting room for a discussion.

In order to make the customer to have a clear understanding of the products, udesign company personally himself received clients and organize the related department professionals to participate in seminars, symposium, we detailed interpretation of the group for the customer the development course of development and production and market vision, professional designers, the production department in a timely manner to the customer put forward the question answer in detail.

Middle East customer visit

After the meeting, I led the customer to the production workshop and assembly workshop of the factory to have an in-depth understanding of the production process, testing process, production equipment and finished products.

After visiting the production line, the two sides discussed how to jointly develop the Middle East market in the future.

Udesign strives to create a global customized furniture leading brand, and is committed to the promotion and sales of products in the field of furniture.

In the future, we will also create a world-class furniture production base to create higher quality furniture products and designs for global customers.

The Middle East is a country with a huge demand for customized furniture in the world and a huge market development space. This customer visit will surely lay a good foundation for the group to understand the Middle East market and develop the Middle East market.

The development of new markets in the Middle East will also make a positive contribution to the realization of the group's development strategy.

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